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MyLab Box Review - Home Health Testing 


Looking for an honest, unbiased MyLab Box review? You have come to the right place!

In a modern society growing increasingly accustomed to personalized service, home based lab testing seems like the next logical step in the evolution of healthcare.

Allowing people to take total control of their health and empowering them to make smarter and safer choices is exactly what is accomplishing with their at-home screenings for STIs, STDs and other wellness checks.

As many as one in three sexually active adults would test positive for an STD but many don’t seek testing because the symptoms are generally mild or non-existent. Not to mention, having to sit for hours at a doctor’s office or clinic to talk to strangers awkwardly about your sexual health isn’t high on most people’s to-do list.

MyLab Box makes it possible for you to get tested quickly and discreetly, within the comfort of your own home.

At home testing brings accessibility to a broad section of the population who otherwise might skip it entirely. Everyone who is sexually active should get STD testing done at least yearly, if not more often.

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MyLab Box Review |  Health screening at home in three easy steps:


How much do MyLab Box health tests cost?

The pricing of tests offered by MyLab Box is typically lower than that of other healthcare facilities and no insurance is needed.

You can, however, use your FSA or HSA card to pay for your tests if you choose to. This not only opens the doors for people without insurance but also allows you to keep your personal sexual history confidential from insurance companies, family members and employers. Your results are shown to you alone.

Uber Box (Male and Female Test Kits Available)

For $269, this 8-panel testing kit will check for the most common STDs and STIs including:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Hepatitis C (Hep C)
  • Herpes Simplex II
  • HIV I & II
  • Syphilis
  • Trichomoniasis (Trich)

The number of choices and combinations of tests you can order is a huge advantage in choosing MyLab Box as your testing provider.

There is a full menu of STD and STI tests. For example, you can get a 5 panel box (Safe Box $189) or a 14 panel box (Total Box $360) depending on your needs.

You can also get need-specific packs of tests such as the Boomer Box designed for older adults ($189) or the prEP box for those with a higher risk for HIV.

If you have a specific concern you also have the option of ordering individual STD tests for around $79 per test.

MyLab Box also offers wellness testing, treatment consults & free shipping.


Other at home tests available through MyLab box

Besides STD testing, you can order many family planning and wellness or general health tests as well.

These tests are all quick and convenient ways to stay on top of your health without wasting too much time in waiting rooms for mild illnesses.


Below is just a sample of what’s available. Each test has its own price, see website for details.

  • Vaginal Health
  • Fertility
  • Hormones
  • Diabetes
  • Gluten and Celiac Disease
  • Strep, Flu, UTI
  • And many more

How do you collect your samples using MyLab Box?

Providing your own medical testing services in the comfort of your home is fast and relatively painless.

When you do testing at a lab they often take several full vials full of blood but for these at-home tests you only need one small drop! So even people with a fear of needles will have no problem collecting their samples.

There are three main methods of sample collecting depending on which tests you order. You may be asked to provide a urine sample, a blood sample with a simple finger prick, or a vaginal swab.

Everything you need will be provided in the box you receive. The collection process takes only a few minutes and afterwards you simply mail your specimens back in the envelope provided.

Many customers have commented positively on just how easy the entire process is.

When do you get your results with MyLab Box?

MyLab Box uses the same certified labs that doctors and clinics use.

Your results are usually ready in just a few days, keeping up with all the local laws and policies in your state.

When ready, your results are uploaded to a HIPPA compliant secure web server so that you can access and read your results on the same day they are ready.

Your results are given only to you and who you share them with is completely within your control.

What happens if you test positive with MyLab Box?

Testing positive is a common occurrence and the majority of these infections can be treated easily with antibiotics.

Should you test positive, a licensed physician from your own state will be available for a same-day phone consultation with you. Many medications can be prescribed this way over the phone for your convenience.

For other more complex treatments you may be referred to see a physician in person. Should you need additional treatment from a local doctor you can print out your test results and take them with you to your appointment.

Who benefits from using MyLab Box?

Staying safe is sexy, that’s the MyLab Box motto! Everyone who is sexually active should get tested.

Ideally you should get a full panel each year with maintenance checks of the most common STDs after each new partner. Home based testing is perfect for anyone that wants greater access to fast and affordable healthcare.

People who feel shy or awkward about testing with their family physicians or at a clinic run the risk of not getting checked at all which leads to the spread of disease.

The safest and best thing for people to do is to invest in home based testing so they can make better choices with their sexual health.

MyLab Box Review | New Product Alert

At Home Coronavirus Test Kit

Test Kit name: COVID-19 Viral Detection Test

Description: FDA Authorized Screen for coronavirus (COVID-19)

Collection Method: non-invasive self-collected saliva sample

What’s Measured: confirm the presence of coronavirus (COVID-19)

Test Kit Price: $150

Time to Results: Up to 24 hours

Accepted Payment Methods: accept FSA / HSA cards

Shipping: Free Delivery


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MyLab Box  Company Information:

myLAB Box, Inc.
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States
Founder: Lora Ivanova
Founded: 2014

How does the MyLab Box at home test kits work?

MyLab Box is your lab in a box. Their experts have designed a home testing program that makes screening for common conditions and infections easy, convenient and private.

Skip the lab visit and take control of your health with a click from the comfort of home. myLAB Box tests are a fraction of the cost of conventional lab testing and have no hidden fees or co-pays.

Best of all if you ever test positive, treatment via telemedicine is free and just a call away. Test whenever and wherever – you are in charge. And, of course, shipping and results are discreet.


Are the MyLab Box results accurate?

myLAB Box works only with the best high-complexity CLIA and CAP certified laboratories in the US ensuring your results are just as reliable as those done in the lab or clinic.

MyLab Box was the first company to offer at-home testing to treatment in all 50 states. When it comes to your health, trust matters.


  1. Order Your Kit Online
    No need to go to a lab or book appointments.
  2. Test At Home
    Collect and mail your sample in 5 minutes.
  3. Get Results
    Results as accurate as those done in a clinic.
  4. Free Consults
    Same-day treatment phone consultations.

Are there any hidden payments with MyLab Box?

Getting tested and treated for common conditions doesn’t have to take weeks and it doesn’t have to eat up your whole pay check.

Test worry free and know myLAB Box will never send you a follow-up bill or slap any extra fees on top.

Does collecting your sample with MyLab Box hurt?

MyLab Box test kits use the same quality components seen in the best laboratories in the US and beyond.

They are specially assembled to ensure the easiest collection and greatest precision depending on your personal needs.

Collecting your sample is non-invasive and fast. Simply pee in a cup, swab or prick your finger – it’s that easy!

After you capture your sample, mail it in using the pre-addressed postage-free envelope provided. It’s discreet so you can drop it in the mail with the rest of your shipments.

Your lab-certified results will be delivered electronically in a matter of days.

What happens after I receive MyLab Box results?

MyLAB Box affiliated physician networks and health experts ensure that your lab results are handled with care and meet nationwide healthcare standards.

Trained counselors are available to provide guidance and treatment options in the event of a positive result.

Prefer to work with your personal physician? No problem. Just print the PDF version of your results and bring it with you to your next doctor visit. myLAB Box tests are lab-certified and accepted everywhere.


*** provided by myLAB Box ***

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