Personalabs Review

Personalabs is fully confidential STD and STI testing service that offers over 400 different blood tests for very wide range of infections, symptoms and diseases. Testing can be performed at over 2,300 locations nationwide without your name every being added to the results form, making this a great choice for privacy-oriented individuals. It should be noted that Personalabs specializes in many different types of testing in addition to STDs.

How Does It Work?

Once your account is set-up and ready to use, you’re ready to order. If you aren’t sure which test you should get, simply use the provided symptom checker tool to get more information. Now you can select the right tests for you and order. You will receive a receipt which you can take to any one of the available 2,300 locations (advanced LabCorp and Quest facilities) to get tested quickly and discretely. Results will arrive within a few days, including advisable actions you should take according to your results.


Personalabs offers good pricing, especially on bundles that include a number of different tests. This is a great feature because often, infections or diseases can present similar symptoms, making a broader test far-more beneficial to you. Pricing starts at just $46 for a syphilis test, which is a bit on the pricey side, but becomes very competitive when it comes to the Comprehensive or 11-panel blood tests, priced at $251 and $281, respectively.


Customer support and privacy are highly important at Personalabs, which is evident throughout the entire testing process. The website is simple and informative, the symptom checker is thorough, and support staff can be reached with any question 6 days a week at convenient hours.


Personalabs makes a great impression with a privacy-oriented testing service that offers reliable test results very quickly. Bonus: Personalabs offers testing for a wide variety of conditions in addition to STDs.

Why You Should Consider Personalabs

Private and confidential Attractive prices Fast results Physician-directed testing

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