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Hannah Kingston

Mar 25, 20227 min read

What is the Most Private At-Home STD Test?

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What is the most private/discreet at home STD test on the market? We talk you through everything from privacy policies to packaging so you can make the most informed choices.  

What is the most private/discreet at home STD test?

Even though there is absolutely nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about when it comes to looking after your sexual health, it can be something that not everyone feels totally comfortable with, therefore privacy and discretion can be big factors that play a role in whether or not someone is likely to take a test.

In fact, sexual health screening ensures that you are making responsible choices when it comes to your overall well-being. By undergoing sexual health screening, you are not only protecting yourself but you’re also protecting those around you, and that’s something to be proud of.

If you are looking for the most private/discreet product on the market, there are a number of things that you should bear in mind.

While looking for the most private/discreet at home STD test, you may consider:

  1. How is the home STD test packaged?
  2. How is your data processed by the home STD test provider?
  3. How are your results delivered by the home STD test provider?
  4. How does taking a home STD test affect your insurance premium?

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  1. LetsGetChecked at home tests arrive in a grey coloured envelope with no markings or tell-tale signs about what is within the package.
  2. LetsGetChecked is HIPAA compliant and GDPR regulated which means that your data is heavily protected by law.
  3. LetsGetChecked customers activate their test using alphanumeric codes which means that their identity is protected throughout the entire sample collection process, and details can only be accessed by the medical team.
  4. Using LetsGetChecked will not affect your insurance premium.

Learn more about the information that is collected and stored here.

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myLAB Box

  1. myLAB box packaging simply shows the address of the fulfillment center. Product or business names are not included on the outside of the package.
  2. myLAB box is HIPAA compliant, and uses web security protocols and data storage systems, along with SSL encryption, to protect customer data.
  3. Results are delivered via a secure link that is provided through email to customers.
  4. Using myLAB box will not affect your insurance premium.

Learn more about the myLAB box privacy policy here.

Health Testing Centers

  1. Health Testing Centers home health kits arrive in discreet packaging that does not indicate what the package is.
  2. Health Testing Centers are HIPAA compliant and measures are in place to ensure that the confidentiality of customers.
  3. Results are delivered to customers with a secure online account.
  4. Using Health Testing Centers will not affect your insurance premium.

Learn more about Health Testing Centers privacy policy here.


  1. Everlywell at home tests arrive in a simple packaging label with no clear indication of what the package contains.
  2. Everlywell has been verified by an independent third party to be HIPAA compliant at levels required to support partnerships with the largest health providers in the United States.
  3. Everlywell uses state-of-the-art, bank-grade encryption to ensure data security meaning that you will receive your results as securely as you would in a doctor’s office.
  4. Using Everlywell will not affect your insurance premium.

Learn more about the information that is collected and stored by Everlywell here.


  1. Nurx home health tests arrive in discreet packaging with no mention of Nurx or the pharmacy on the outside packaging.
  2. Nurx is HIPAA compliant and measures are in place to ensure the confidentiality of customers.
  3. Results are protected by privacy laws which means that your name and any other identifying details will be attached to your results, but will not be shared with external bodies.
  4. Using Nurx will not affect your insurance premium.

Learn more about the NURX privacy policy here.



What are notifiable diseases?

A notifiable disease is any disease that is required by law to be reported to government authorities. Some sexually transmitted diseases are notifiable which means that an at home STD test provider will need to provide data to health authorities, however you will not specifically be named as a patient.

What does HIPAA compliance mean?

HIPAA compliance is adherence to the physical, administrative, and technical safeguards outlined in HIPAA, which covered entities and business associates must uphold to protect the integrity of Protected Health Information (PHI).

What does secure portal actually mean? 

A secure portal can mean a number of things. When it comes to accessing a “secure portal” to gain access to your STD results, it often means that two factor verification is in place or the portal is encrypted.

Why does home STD testing not affect your insurance premium?

Though some home health providers do allow for payment of tests via HSA/FSA dollars, the majority do not offer testing as part of an insurance package. As you are purchasing the test exclusive of your insurance premium. This means that it will not affect your plan.


Written by Hannah Kingston on February 15, 2021


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