How to Improve Low Libido in Women

How to Improve Low Libido in Women

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Sex and intimacy are important parts of most people’s everyday lives, allowing you to connect with yourself and your partner and find pleasure. It can be very frustrating to feel like you have low libido that interferes with your sex life, but the reality is that low sex drive is a fairly common issue that affects many people — especially women — at some point in their lives. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to boost your female sex drive.

Keep reading to learn more about the causes of low libido, how to boost female sex drive naturally, and when it’s time to seek professional help.

Causes of low libido in women

In order to boost female libido, it’s important to understand the cause of the problem. It’s normal for your sex drive to ebb and flow at different points of your life, especially around milestones or the beginning and end of a relationship. In most cases, your libido will return to normal after some time.

According to the NHS, some of the most common causes of low female libido include:

How to increase women’s libido?

If your lack of interest in sex feels prolonged or causes you distress, it may be time to try different solutions for female low libido. Depending on the cause of the problem, different female low libido solutions may work more or less effectively for you.

You may need to give different ways to improve female sex drive in order to find the one that works for you. 

Manage your stress

It may sound simple, but managing your stress levels is one of the most important things you can do to improve female libido. According to a study published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine, women with high stress levels have been show to have lower genital arousal, high levels of cortisol or “stress hormone”, and are more likely to become distracted during sexual stimulation.

In many cases, lowering chronic stress can how help a woman get her sex drive back without without additional interventions.

Eat these foods

Certain foods could act as women’s libido support because they contain nutrients that your body needs to sustain sexual function, or boost your neurotransmitter levels to increase sex drive. According to Penn Medicine, foods that could increase libido include:

  • Strawberries
  • Raw oysters
  • Avocado
  • Chocolate

Alcohol and saturated fats, on the other hand, could lower your libido if you consume them in excessive quantities or too frequently. Dietary changes are unlikely to solve low libido on their own, but they can help boost your sex drive when used in combination with other strategies.


According to the Cleveland Clinic, certain medications can be prescribed as female libido boosters, including:

However, you should keep in mind that any medical treatment can cause side effects or interact with other medications you’re taking, and you should never self medicate. Seek medical advice before you start taking a new treatment.

Explore your own body

It’s important to know what makes you feel pleasure if you want to enjoy your sex life. Many women don’t take the time to explore their own bodies, including different types of stimulation, such as clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

Masturbation and self-exploration can be very helpful to increase libido in women, regardless of your relationship status. Increasing the length of foreplay with your partner can also improve your sexual satisfaction and libido.

Schedule time for intimacy

It’s easy to forget about intimacy and sex when we’re dealing with everyday responsibilities. To avoid this, try scheduling some time for intimacy and sex with your partner, or to explore your own body. This can make it easier to get back in the rhythm and prioritize your sex life even during busy days.

When to seek professional help

According to the Mayo Clinic, you may be diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder if your low libido causes personal distress, or if you experience a lack of sex drive frequently. If you’re worrying about how to build up your sex drive, your doctor could always help diagnose any underlying issues and identify the cause of the problem.

A healthcare professional can help with female arousal in different ways, including:

  • Taking a thorough personal and family history
  • Performing a physical and pelvic exam
  • Ordering tests to rule out different health conditions
  • Prescribing treatment for underlying diseases
  • Referring you to a specialized counselor or sex therapist

Low libido can be a frustrating situation, but the good news is that most cases get better with the right female libido enhancers. You can learn more about other sexual health topics and STD testing at now.


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