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How to increase progesterone levels naturally

There are many different hormones in the regulation of the female reproductive system and all of its functions, and out of all of them, progesterone is one of the most...

07 July 2021

Is same day STD testing possible?

Is same day STD testing possible? Read on to learn more about how quickly you can get tested, how long it takes to get your STD results and the incubation...

06 July 2021

Free STD Testing - Does it exist?

Free STD testing - does it exist? Keeping your health in check isn’t cheap, but it is important. We have looked at some of the ways you can better manage...

05 July 2021

Average age of menopause plus symptoms

“Menopause” is the term used to describe the end of having periods. Menopause is a natural part of life that marks an end to the reproductive cycle in every woman’s...

05 July 2021