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Male menopause, signs, symptoms and causes

Written by Hannah Kingston - Written on September 14, 2021 Is the “male menopause” a real thing? As we age, hormone changes become part and parcel of our lives, and some may...

12 September 2021

Can you get herpes from kissing?

Written by Hannah Kingston  on September 14, 2021 There are lots of facts and myths out there when it comes to how you get herpes, and you may be wondering whether...

12 September 2021

Can you get an STD from kissing?

Written by Hannah Kingston - Updated on September 7, 2021 Medically reviewed by Dr Andrea Pinto Lopez, M.D. Can you get an STD from kissing? With so much misinformation out there when it...

06 September 2021

What does bleeding after pap smear mean?

Written by Hannah Kingston on September 2, 2021  What does bleeding after a pap smear mean? Bleeding after a pap smear may feel like an alarming thing to happen, but...

01 September 2021