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Foods high in estrogen, according to research

Estrogen is commonly associated with females, because it is the primary female sex hormone. Estrogen is a hormone or “chemical messenger” that both men and women have in their bodies. ...

20 June 2021

7 foods that kill testosterone, myths and facts

First things first, it’s a myth that foods kill testosterone. Your overall health plays a role in your hormonal health, therefore eating a varied, balanced diet is essential for good...

20 June 2021

What does yellow vaginal discharge mean?

  Noticing yellow vaginal discharge can be distressing for any woman. This type of discharge can be caused by many different conditions — and in some cases, it may even...

16 June 2021

What does white vaginal discharge mean?

Most women are used to the presence of some white vaginal discharge, but you may have wondered whether this finding is always normal. The truth is that, while white discharge...

16 June 2021