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What does estrogen do? Everything you need to know about estrogen

What does estrogen do? Let’s talk about the function of estrogen in the female body, how it makes you feel, the benefits and if it can lead to weight gain....

16 June 2021

Rectal bleeding: Could it be an STI?

Any amount of rectal bleeding can be alarming. It isn’t something that we’re used to seeing, so you may immediately wonder whether there’s something wrong with your health. Although we...

16 June 2021

Low estrogen symptoms, causes & treatment

Low estrogen symptoms    Common low estrogen symptoms include:  Vaginal dryness Pain during sex  Mood changes Hot flashes Fatigue Weight gain Irregular periods Absent periods Increased frequency in UTIs (urinary...

16 June 2021

High estrogen symptoms in women

  High estrogen symptoms  High estrogen symptoms in women include but are not limited to:  Bloating  Irregular periods  Sore breasts  Lowered sex drive  Mood swings  Headaches  Anxiety and panic attacks ...

16 June 2021