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Home kits vs walk in labs vs OTC sexual health testing

  Here’s everything you need to know about sexual health screening via home kits, walk in labs and over the counter sexual health testing. Traditionally, the only way to undergo...

26 December 2020

How do you get an STD? Everything you need to know

How do you get an STD? Here’s an easy to understand breakdown on all of the different ways you can contract an STD as well as the steps that you...

30 November 2020

How Do I Know Which STD Test I Need?

Today, more than 30 STDs and STIs are known to be existent,[1] making it sometimes confusing to know which test you should get and when. In order to prevent yourself...

24 November 2020

Where to Get Tested for STDs?

Many people will often wrongfully assume that STD or STI testing is part of their regular, normal healthcare plan. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, - specially if you are...

24 November 2020