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Home Kits vs Walk-in Labs vs OTC STD Testing

  Here’s everything you need to know about sexual health screening via home kits, walk in labs and over the counter sexual health testing. Traditionally, the only way to undergo...

26 December 2020

How Do You Get an STD?

How do you get an STD? Here’s an easy to understand breakdown on all of the different ways you can contract an STD as well as the steps that you...

30 November 2020

How Do I Know Which STD Test I Need?

Today, more than 30 STDs and STIs are known to be existent,[1] making it sometimes confusing to know which test you should get and when. In order to prevent yourself...

24 November 2020

Can I have an STD without knowing it?

The possibility of carrying an STD can have significant health and psychological consequences, making testing highly important, especially if you are in a high-risk group for infections. These high-risk groups...

25 October 2020

10 panel STD tests

10 Panel STD Tests 10 panel STD tests are ideal for individuals who want to make it easy to know their status on a variety of the most visit sexually...

27 August 2020