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STD bumps: What they look like & what they mean

Written by Hannah Kingston on March 22,  2021 - Updated on August 25, 2021.  STD bumps. How are they different to other bodily bumps? We tell you what to look out for...

24 August 2021

What causes abnormal Pap smears besides HPV?

Written by Dr. Andrea Pinto on August 23th, 2021 Pap smears are probably one of the most common diagnostic tests used to ensure female reproductive health. These tests are most commonly...

22 August 2021

Skin tag vs. HPV: What's the difference?

Written by Dr. Andrea Pinto on August 23th, 2021 Skin tags and HPV warts can look very similar, and many people may not even know that they’re two separate conditions with...

22 August 2021

Oral thursh pictures, causes, treatment

Written by Hannah Kingston on August 23th, 2021 Oral thrush, also known as oral candidiasis is a fungal imbalance in the mouth. We all have Candida albicans in our mouths....

22 August 2021