Where to Get Tested for STDs?

Where to Get Tested for STDs?

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Many people will often wrongfully assume that STD or STI testing is part of their regular, normal healthcare plan. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, - specially if you are experiencing symptoms [1] - making extremely important that you are aware of testing options available to you, especially if you’ve engaged in what would be considered high-risk sexual practices. These practices include engaging in unprotected sexual activity with multiple partners, drug use, or engaging in a sexual activity with a person previously diagnosed with an STD/STI.

Please take note that the fact a person hasn’t been diagnosed with a STD or have visible symptoms does not mean this person doesn’t have one. The only way you can have confirm you or another person doesn’t have a STD, is being tested for that specific disease after the window period has passed and receiving a negative result. Take note that, just in the U.S. alone, in 2018 there were ~2.5M reported positive cases, additionally, many STDs can be existent without the infected person having visible symptoms.[2]

Besides the facts exposed above, it is important to note that, due to the advancement of STD tests, you now have the choice of getting tested either at home or at a clinic, - more-complex tests may require you to visit a clinic - for this reason if privacy is a major concern, you have the option of using one of the private STD testing services detailed below.

As stated in previous materials, your first obvious choice is always consulting your doctor, as he/she has the knowledge and expertise to advise you on your condition as well as the different types of tests available to you. If you’re looking for STD testing with a physician because you have symptoms, your best options are a gynecologist, urologist, or your primary care physician. However, currently available healthcare plans sometimes make it cost-efficient to seek other alternatives, as we’ll explain later in this article.

You Have Plenty of Options

These days, testing for STDs or STIs is hardly an issue, as the rise of privately-owned STD testing centers and services has created new standards and practices that make testing private, affordable, fast and reliable. Generally, these private STD testing services will send a discreetly packaged home kit to your doorstep. This package will include all the different tests you’ve ordered, along with simple-to-follow instructions on how to perform each test. At the same time, it’s important to remember that some tests, namely those that require a larger blood samples, will require you to physically visit the lab or clinic – but don’t worry, today’s testing services employ thousands of private testing locations across the country.

Additionally, you may also need to visit a doctor in-person if your test results come back positive or if your symptoms are too severe. If you ever feel like your symptoms are an emergency, please don’t hesitate to seek medical assistance immediately while you wait for the results of an at-home STD test.

Pricing Is a Key Factor

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it might actually be more cost-efficient to simply get yourself tested, depending on your insurance provider (preventive care or not), your conditions (visible symptoms or not), as well as your payment plan (family plan, co-pays). STD or STI tests start in as little as around $24, making it an affordable option to you and many, regardless of the state of insurance. We recommend opting for one of the test panels offered by STD testing services in order to make sure you aren’t missing anything while getting better value on your purchase.

Here Are Some of the Leading STD Services Available to You, Today!

1. LetsGetChecked

With over 5 years of experience in offering at-home private testing kits for a wide variety of conditions, LetsGetChecked is a very dependable choice for STD testing when you have privacy concerns. Fully HIPAA compliant, LetsGetChecked employs the best possible practices as well as the highest online security standards. LetsGetChecked accepts FSA and HAS payment options. Read more - LetsGetChecked Review

2. STDCheck.com

STDCheck is one of the most highly recommended private STD testing services operating today. They’re a pioneering medical analytics service that specializes in STD and STI testing, offering you the choice to get tested in any of their 4,500 high-end testing facilities found across the nation. STDCheck has a major emphasis on your privacy, all while offering you a clever self-analysis tool to find make sure you’re getting the tests you need, and nothing more. Read more - STDCheck.com Review

3. myLab Box

MyLab Box is also one of the most recommended private STD testing services currently available. They’re a leading test-at-home STD testing service that delivers all the tests and their related equipment directly to you. At the same time, MyLab Box is CLIA and FDA-certified STD testing service, so you know that they uphold some of the strictest professional standards employed in the medical field. Read more - myLab Box Review

4. Nurx

Nurx is a healthcare service provider. They’ve created a simple home-based testing system that empowers people to take control of their sexual health at last. You’ll be surprised to see just how easy it was to use and that the service goes far beyond receiving test results. Read more - NURX Review

5. Everywell

Everywell is another highly renowned STD and STI screening service that lets you test for over 30 different types of conditions and infections from the comfort of your own home. Everywell’s pedigree extends to many other types of tests, including allergies, cholesterol and many more, which indicates this is a high-end testing clinic and lab. Furthermore, Everywell is CLIA-certified and accepts FSA and HAS payment options. Read More - Everywell Review

6. Personalabs.com

Personalabs is one of the leading private STD testing centers currently available, offering more than 300 different tests in 4,100 locations. Personalabs reputation has also been great outside of STD screening, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Additionally, Personalabs gives you the freedom to leave your name blank on the results form, offering you plenty of privacy. In terms of pricing, Personalabs remains very competitive, despite being one of the today’s leading STD testing labs. Read more - Personalabs.com Review



Written by Tommy Gonzales on March 11, 2020


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